Weingut Strehn_Schenkhaus_Deutschkreutz
SCHENK’HAUS – Weingut Familie Strehn
Mittelgasse 9
7301 Deutschkreutz

Opening schedule
15. 04. – 26. 04. 2020
20. 05. – 31. 05. 2020
12. 08. – 23. 08. 2020
11. 11. – 22. 11. 2020
Daily from 3 p.m.

T +43 664 35 26 715 (Andy)

In Blaufränkisch Country – Mittelburgenland – a wine tavern is called a Schenkhaus or a Schangl by those in the know, related etymologically to the German verb ‘ausschenken’, to pour. And in the two years since we opened the SCHENK’HAUS in our little hometown of Deutschkreutz, the place has become known as the go-to address for culinary surprises: along with our Weinbergschnecken (the local escargots), gazpacho, inventive interpretations of mutton, and even goose-maki have appeared on the platter. The inspiration for our unusual and distinctive Schenkhaus bill of fare arose out of our own passion for eating and drinking well. We bring a lot of ideas home with us from our travels and excursions. We synthesise these with seasonal ingredients and mould them to fit our wines, and before you know it, we have come up with another distinctive and unusual menu – usually accompanied by a lot of fun and general high spirits, including the personal appointments we have with our baker and with the snail breeders.

Just like in the winery, the division of roles in our Schenkhaus is clearly defined: Andy is the chef de cuisine – the place was originally his idea – Pia is sous-chef, and Patrick leads the service team with a firm but gentle hand. Reinforcements abound in the form of Mama Monika, our in-laws & our friends, all part of our extended wine-and-the-finer-things family.

And the Schenk’haus itself is a family heirloom; the building itself holds great significance for us, in that it was once Grandpa’s cow barn and later his wine cellar. We made the renovations with eco-friendly materials, in a contemporary and sensible fashion. The roofing material is 500 years old, and came from the onetime ballroom of Deutschkreutz Castle.

We focus on uncompromising quality, refined aesthetics and personal service – with great dedication. We have made a dream come true and created an oasis of pleasure with our Schenk’haus, which we would like to share with others – this doubles our happiness.